Cash for Kids - Challenge One

by Caroline Hawksworth


Caroline Hawksworth, Avius

Bournemouth to Edinburgh

As part of our efforts to raise money for Cash for Kids, a children’s charity, 14 of the Avius team are going to do three walking challenges. Each challenge will increase in distance.

The first challenge is to walk 458 miles, the distance from Bournemouth to Edinburgh.

Map of Bournemouth to Edinburgh

Tracking the distance

It’s a group challenge over two weeks – we’re not quite fit enough to do the actual walk in one go!

Each one of us is using a fitness app that syncs to the challenge app. The distances we walk each day will be added to the overall distance. The challenge app will track whereabouts we are on the route.

There’s also a leaderboard to track who does the most distance, so it could get pretty competitive in the office.


Once we reach our goal, Edinburgh, Avius will make a donation to Cash for Kids. Hopefully we’ll also get some cake as a reward.

Then we’ll look at the next challenge, which will be longer but earn a bigger donation for the charity.

You can track our progress here.

15th June 2017