Cash for Kids Fundraising

by Caroline Hawksworth


Caroline Hawksworth, Avius

Cash for Kids Fundraising

The Avius team have signed up to become one of Wave 105 1,000 faces.

Wave are a radio station local to our Bournemouth office. To help raise money for Cash for Kids, a children’s charity, they ask 1,000 people or companies to sign up to raise a minimum of £100, meaning they raise at least £100,000.

Cash for Kids are a children’s charity who help disabled and seriously ill children, fund projects in deprived areas, offer counselling and bereavement support. We’d like to be part of helping this charity by helping to fund them.

How will we raise money?

We’ll do various fundraising activities over the next 6 months:

  • Cake salescake sale
  • Fancy dress days
  • A ‘Brand Swear Box’
  • Wet sponge throwing
  • Man vs Food
  • Sustainability fines

If you have any other suggestions please let us know.

19th May 2017