Device Manager Update

New Devices Dashboard

There’s a new device management section of Avius Surveys, with a new layout and design. Hopefully you’ll find it much more user friendly.

31st January 2018

Device Dashboard

The new dashboard shows a clear overview of the current health of each device. Each row contains an overall health status for your devices, along with a breakdown of the factors which contribute towards this state, which are:


  • The last know battery level
  • When the device was last seen online and connected to the Avius servers
  • When the last survey result was completed
  • If the device is known to be plugged in or unplugged from mains power
Device dashboard expanded

You can also collapse the details section for a simple overview of the device health. You can then choose to expand the additional information when you’ve identified an issue.

Device dashboard collapsed

Details Sidebar

The sidebar is open by default, this gives you a quick overview of each device as you click through the rows, including:


  • General device details
  • The health breakdown
  • Hardware and Avius Surveys application version details
Device Dashboard - Details Sidebar

Device Details

To view or change the details of a device, double click on the relevant row or select edit from the more option in the menu. From here you’ll be able to:


  • Modify the device details – name, description, location, which survey the device is running and licence type.
  • Change the individual health settings
  • View the location of the device on a map (this requires location services to be enabled, and permission granted).
Individual device details

General Settings

There are also improvements to the look and usability of the settings, as well as a single settings page available from the top menu.

App Unlock Code
You’ll need this to access the Avius Surveys app. All new devices created will use this code. Changing this will not alter existing devices, but you can change their code in the individual device details section.

Main Health Settings
This is where you define the health settings for all devices. The system will use these settings to determine if devices are healthy or not. If you require different settings for individual devices, you can set these in the Individual Health Settings.

Device Manager - General Settings

Health Alerts

You can set-up alerts so you receive an email when a device becomes unhealthy, and another when it’s healthy again so you know the issue has been fixed.

Main Health Alert
You can quickly set-up notifications to monitor the health of all your devices. Simply add email addresses for all relevant members of staff so they’ll be notified of any issues.

Custom Health Alerts
If you wish to set-up different health alerts for one or a small numbers of devices you can create custom alerts. You can select the relevant device and choose which recipient/s to send notifications to. You can create as many of these alerts as you like.

Health settings