About Avius


Avius provide survey and customer experience management software. We help our clients learn from their customers and employees. Our software will provide you with the data you need to make decisions, save time and money, to grow your business.

Avius was founded in Bournemouth in 2006 by three University friends, Ben Story, Luke Williams and Will Gunaratne. They met whilst on the same course, Software Engineering Management, and set-up Avius after graduating. As well as the head office in Bournemouth, UK, in 2015 we opened the US office in Florida.

“I’m so proud to be working with such a great team and fantastic customers. From one idea to having hundreds of clients around the world, I can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store.”



How Avius Began

During his university placement year, Ben went on holiday to Walt Disney World, Florida. He saw a mum struggling to carry one child, push another and trying to read a park map. His eureka moment came, why wasn’t there a sat nav for a theme park?

In their last year Luke helped Ben build an early prototype for his final year project. Ben was the first person from a software course to win a Product Design Award from Bournemouth University.

Sat in a bedroom, Ben, Luke and Will created a further prototype. They presented it to a theme park with no luck. Instead they decided to focus on delivering ride booking functionality. They met a General Manager of a UK attraction at a tradeshow six months later, and rolled out a product that allowed ride bookings via SMS Message.

Avius sold the booking system in 2007 and used the proceeds to fund Avius Surveys. In 2011 Avius developed and launched Avius Optimus. We now help a range of industries collect and manage feedback from their customers and employees.

“We’ve always been passionate about finding solutions to problems. It made sense to build a business doing what we enjoy.”



The Future of Avius

Ben, Luke and Will had three things in common; ambitions of running their own company, love of technology and they wanted to make a difference. As well as being very close friends, they’re also great work mates who challenge each other and bring a range of different views to the table but still go out for a beer on the same day. Their work ethic, values and ambitions are aligned, running a business together is second nature.

As the company has grown we’ve become a family, who are all on this journey with us. We’re invested in their futures too. We’ve always done things a bit differently to other companies. We’re a competitive bunch who want to be the best at what we do. We want to succeed, and want our clients to excel.

Running a company isn’t always easy, it has been blood, sweat and tears. But that just makes the successes feel even better.

We like what we’ve built with Avius. We’re proud of the business, our team, of what we’ve achieved and are excited by the future.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than realising our software has helped make someone’s day a bit better. If I wasn’t doing this professionally, I’d be doing it in my spare time anyway.”