Real-time Monitoring

Improve operations throughout the customer journey and across all locations to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Get alerts within 30 seconds of negative feedback
  • React quickly before issues escalate
  • Spot problem areas and identify the cause of dissatisfaction
  • Improve processes and make efficiencies on staff rotas
  • Identify cost saving and investment opportunities
Operations team customer satisfaction illustration
Example of a restroom survey alert


Get notified of any problems as they happen so you can react quickly before the situation escalates.

Instant survey alerts can be set-up for any scoring questions, if a customer leaves negative feedback the relevant nominated person/s will receive an email within 30 seconds. You can respond to the customer quickly and solve issues quickly so other customers don’t experience the same thing.


Monitor your KPIs to identify patterns and see how each location is performing. Predict future demand and change rotas to become more efficient.

Compare satisfaction scores against employee rotas. For example, if you regularly receive low scores for one block of toilets at a similar time of day, make some changes to the cleaning schedule.

Analytics example of a KPI overview
Analytics examples of survey comments


Use customer feedback to identify which facilities are in need of maintenance or a complete refurbishment.

See what has a negative effect on customers to prioritise where you invest first.


Compare results across all locations, see how they perform for each KPI.

Motivate teams with friendly competitions or league tables which encourage teams to strive to improve. Share best practices to help lower performing sites increase their scores.

Example of a locations report

“The ability to collect ongoing member feedback every single day and monitor that feedback along with enquiries from other channels is invaluable. We can see the results changing weekly and satisfaction levels improving.”
Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director, David Lloyd Leisure