Avius device security

Avius devices are configured with PIN codes to deter theft and prevent customers accessing anything but the Avius Survey application functionality. Once a survey response has been sent to the servers, the response is deleted from the local device’s storage.

Avius devices that are reported stolen can often be remotely locked and tracked. Data transferred to and from the servers is done over HTTPS and is TLS/SSL encrypted. Passwords are passed through a strong one-way hashing algorithm and the original password information is not stored.

The data is stored on dedicated servers in a well-established tier 2, UK based data centre, where bio-metric credentials are required to gain access to the building.


Security, availability and back-up graphic
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The data servers are physically stored in the United Kingdom. The server room is protected by access cards and bio-metric security. Offsite backup servers are also located in the UK.

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