Avius Ltd is Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

You can read more about the Cyber Essentials scheme here.


Avius survey devices encrypt each response they store in a way that even the device cannot decrypt it, it can only be decrypted after being sent to our central systems. Therefore, if the device is physically stolen or compromised none of the response data can be read. The encryption we use meets or exceeds the current NIST recommendations.


Avius survey devices are locked down to deter theft and prevent unauthorised modification.


Devices that are reported stolen can often be remotely locked and tracked.


Data transferred to and from the Avius servers is via HTTPS and is TLS/SSL encrypted. Passwords are passed through a strong one-way hashing algorithm and the original password information is not stored.


The data is stored on dedicated servers in a well-established tier 2 UK based Data Centre (ISO 27001 Certified). Bio-metric credentials are required to gain access to the building.



The data servers are physically stored in the United Kingdom. The server room is protected by access cards and bio-metric security. Offsite backup servers are also located in the UK.