Understand Your Customers

Whether in-store or online, improve customer satisfaction, grow loyalty and drive business performance.


CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined.¹

illustration presenting customers doing shopping and leaving their feedback

Invest in CX to Drive Incremental Business

Satisfied shoppers buy more, more often. Companies can increase their revenue by 5-10 % by improving their customer experience strategy. ₂
Measure satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey to improve the multi-channel shopping experience and build brand ambassadors.

Service recovery

Instant alerts for negative feedback enable you to resolve customer issues before they’ve left the store or website.


Understand spend

Collect feedback in-store and post-purchase to learn what’s most important for customers, key drivers of spend and identify product development opportunities.

Increase online conversion

Increase conversion and spend online by triggering surveys on abandoned carts to discover how to improve usability and online experience.

Create personalised experiences

Integrate feedback with other customer data you collect to understand each segment and deliver customised experiences.

Engaged Employees Improve CX

Customer feedback can identify training needs, boost staff morale and help employees and managers operationally, which will result in improved Customer Satisfaction.

You should also collect employee feedback to create a happy and efficient workforce.

Spot training opportunities

Monitor KPIs, read customer comments, compare team and store’s results to identify problems and training requirements to improve customer satisfaction.

Increase employee engagement

Use customer feedback to highlight high-achieving individuals and teams, create a bit of competition and offer rewards for the best performing teams.

Improve operations

Use survey alerts to notify employees when products are running low, if something needs cleaning or if there are queues forming at checkouts.

Measure The Entire Customer Journey

Collect feedback at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey, in-store and online, to ensure their experience is first-class from start to finish.

Satisfaction survey kiosk

In-the moment Feedback

Get real-time feedback at different touch-points throughout your store.


Use instant alerts to resolve any issues whilst customers are still in-store or on your website.


A Gestures touchless survey with a hand doing a thumbs up gesture

Touchless Feedback

Give customers the choice to leave touch-free feedback. They can answer questions with a thumbs up or down.


Or they can scan a SmartCode to complete your survey on their own phone.

In-app feedback survey

Online Surveys

Measure satisfaction to improve the experience on your website, home delivery and click & collect service.


Ask for feedback via email, on your website, mobile app and social channels.

“Avius has been a flexible, adaptive, and innovative partner. Their tools give give us another way to listen to our customers, interpret needs as data, and empower us to make changes.”


“Our long-standing partnership with Avius has been instrumental in understanding the ‘voice of the Merlin guest’ in order for us to create memorable experiences in our attractions around the world.”

Kathy Bagshaw, Director of Guest Excellence

“The Support and Operations teams at Avius have been very helpful and hands-on since day one. Everyone has been really nice, responding and resolving my queries straight away. It’s amazing to be working with you.”

Luca Colella, Customer Relationship Manager