Put Customers At The Heart Of Your Business

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Collect the voice of customer (VoC) at every touch-point across all of your locations to get actionable insights to improve satisfaction.

Voice of Customer solution illustration


Satisfaction survey kiosk


Survey kiosks collect high numbers of feedback at the point of experience.


Act on Voice of Customer insights to improve the experience across the entire customer journey.

Responsive online surveys


Encourage customers to leave feedback at their convenience.


Trigger surveys from customer actions, such as a recent visit, making a purchase or booking, attending a class etc.

Results dashboard


Understand your customers, identify issues and make data driven decisions.


Real-time results enable you to speed up resolution and improve customer satisfaction.


Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Collect customer feedback to find out how to exceed expectations and grow loyal customers. Act quickly to resolve issues before they even think about leaving a review or posting on social.

Check KPIs for Each Target Audience

Whilst you might be exceeding expectations for some segments, you could be below par for others. Understand how to delight everyone and close the gap between expectation and reality.

Inform Investment Decisions

Don’t guess where to spend money, listen to customer suggestions and use results to decide which products, services or facilities need investment to improve customer experience.

Identify Under-Performing Teams

Easily compare results from all locations to understand who’s performing well. Use insights from high-performing teams to help those who are struggling.

Build Brand Ambassadors

There’s no better marketing than Word-of-Mouth, turn loyal customers into advocates who will happily recommend you to friends and family.

Drive Revenue Growth

Optimal operational process teamed with successful customer retention and a loyal base of customers will have a significant effect on your bottom line.



Avius have 12 years of experience planning and managing complex multi-location survey kiosk deployment within high-footfall businesses. 

“Avius have enabled us to significantly enhance our customer excellence culture, putting our members at the heart of the company.”

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director

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“They provide us with outstanding service and powerful software which enables us to deliver an excellent customer experience.”

Tyler Pellerin, Product Excellence

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“Excellent service from the day we gave the go ahead, and the training was superb. I love the KPI results and analytics.”

Sylvain Thouzeau, Building Performance Manager


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