Turn Insights Into Action

Collect customer feedback at every customer touch-point to improve customer experience.


Find out what’s important to your customers, and use insights to improve satisfaction. Gain a competitive advantage by delivering customer experience excellence and encouraging loyal customers to spread the word.

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Measure the entire customer journey

Get a single view of your Voice of Customer metrics. See the results from your feedback kiosks, online surveys and in-app surveys in one analytics system.


Speed up replies to customer enquiries

Real-time feedback and instant alerts make it easy for employees to respond to customers and resolve issues quickly.

Identify common complaints

Low scores could correlate with new staff, identify training needs, maintenance issues or the requirement for new products or services, or highlight the need for changes in operational processes.

Increase revenue and retention

Provide a great experience first time, every time, to keep high satisfaction scores and reduces costs associated with handling with complaints.

Compare locations

Use the knowledge and expertise from the teams who are exceeding customer expectations to help improve those with lower satisfaction scores.


Inform investment decisions

Use data to make strategic decisions about where to invest to maximise the impact on customers. The insights you get from customer feedback should make it easy to identify opportunities for improvement.



Take advantage of instant alerts and real-time reports to notify you of any issues to help you respond to customers faster.


Act quickly to limit the number of bad reviews you receive and improve customer retention. A massive 91% of customers will do business with you again if their complaint is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.


Track resolution time and costs by team, time of year or by event, and see how well your team handle enquiries to help you make further improvements.

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Customer experience might be the responsibility of the CX team but everyone in the company can affect customer satisfaction. Customer facing roles make the most impact, but decisions made by operations, product, marketing and even finance can influence customers.


Use data to demonstrate how the actions of each team can make a difference to customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

“Avius have enabled us to significantly enhance our customer excellence culture, putting our members at the heart of the company.”

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director

“Avius Surveys give our customers a voice, enables us to respond quickly and act on the feedback received. In less than 4 months of working with Avius, 10 out of 12 of our KPI scores have improved.”
Neil Poulter, Operations Director

“We’ve relied on Avius since we opened the Resort. The real-time data and alerts we receive have allowed us to deliver year on year improvements across all our Key Performance Indicators.”

Tyler Pellerin, Product Excellence, LEGOLAND