Frequently Asked Questions

Survey Design

You can use in-house resource to create your survey and use our expertise to optimise it. Or you can let us know what your objectives are and which areas you’d like to improve, and we’ll write the questions and design the survey for you.

Generally, you’ll get a good completion rate from a survey with under 10 questions. However, it depends on what you’d like to learn from the survey.

Yes. You can choose to have branded promotional boards, designed in-house or we can design them for you. If you have Professional or Enterprise surveys, they will be designed in your brand style and will include your logo.


You may also wish to add your logo to the face of your surveys.

Power and Connectivity

As well as Wi-Fi, we supply 4G tablets with a SIM card which will connect to a local network provider.

Yes, you will need a power connection for the Avius devices.

If you lose internet connection, your results will still be collected. They will be uploaded and appear in reports once the device is re-connected to the internet.

Implementation and Maintenance

Yes, trials are available. Many new clients do a trial in a small number of locations before rolling the Voice of Customer solution throughout their business.

The survey kiosks are delivered to you ready-built. All you have to do is attach the promotional board, find a suitable location and plug-in. However, we would recommend you bolt the kiosks to the floor, wall or desk-top for security.

Any non-spirit based cleaning solution will ensure the devices are kept clean and operational.

Yes, we provide anti-bacterial screen protectors which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

They are ISO 22196 accredited. Laboratory-approved protection against typical dangerous bacteria on devices, especially MRSA.


Floor-standing, wall-mounted and desk-top are the default options. Different option can be sourced to suit your requirements.

The survey kiosks are available in black or white.

Yes, at Avius we supply the whole survey solution; software and hardware. If you prefer, you can source your own hardware.

Survey Results

All our reports and analytics systems are online so you can access wherever you are, from PCs or mobile devices.

Unlimited. The Avius software is designed with security in mind, all collected data is deleted from the device once it’s uploaded to the server (instantly with internet connection).

Yes. If you already have your own analytics solution or another business system, you can integrate the results from your feedback surveys into them.

Intelligent analytics and algorithms filter out spam results.


To discourage abuse by employees you should engage employees, so they believe in your feedback strategy and want to perform well. You can also introduce policies forbidding their use of the surveys, CCTV also helps.


Once installed, the devices are secure in their mounting. The survey kiosks can be bolted to the floor or counters.

The devices are strong once installed, but as with most things, it is possible to break the screen by misuse or vandalism.

Avius survey devices encrypts each response it stores in way that means even the device cannot decrypt it, it can only be decrypted after being sent to our systems. Therefore, if the device is physically stolen or compromised none of the response data can be read.


Data from your customer satisfaction surveys are stored on dedicated servers in a well-established tier 2 UK based Data Centre (ISO 27001 Certified). Bio-metric credentials are required to gain access to the building.

You should include a Privacy Notice on any survey question where you collect respondents’ personal details. This should inform them how you’re going to use and store their details.


All data is stored on dedicated servers in a well-established tier 2 UK based Data Centre (ISO 27001 Certified). Data transferred to and from the servers is done over HTTPS and is TLS/SSL encrypted. For more information please go to our security page.

International Use


Yes, we offer support via phone and email. There are also support guides available online.


Avius software includes a centralised management system so you can manage devices remotely – no need for on-site maintenance. We can also diagnose any issues remotely.

Yes. Currently there is no limit, however we’d suggest keeping to under 10 language options.