Avius are a global provider of Voice of Customer software solutions. We are passionate about connecting businesses to their customers. Our multi-channel feedback solutions enable rapid operational recovery and provide actionable insights that drive improved customer experiences for some of the largest public attractions and facilities in the world.


Avius was founded in Bournemouth in 2006 by three University friends, Ben Story, Luke Williams, Will Gunaratne. They met whilst on the same course, Software Engineering Management, and set-up Avius after graduating.


We now provide Voice of Customer solutions to clients in 28 countries around the world. As well as the UK head office in Bournemouth, in 2015 we opened the US office in Florida.


“I’m so proud to be working with such a great team and fantastic customers at Avius. From one idea to having hundreds of clients around the world, I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store.”


Ben Story




In their last year at uni, Ben and Luke built a prototype for Ben’s final year project. Ben was the first person from a software course to win a Product Design Award from Bournemouth University. They then went on to set-up Avius.


The first Avius product was an attraction booking system, software that allowed ride bookings via text message. We sold the booking system in 2007 and used the proceeds to fund the current Avius solution.


Our customer base grew organically, as our key contacts moved companies they took us with them. We now help our clients, from a wide range of industries, collect and manage feedback from their customers and employees.

“We’ve always been passionate about finding solutions to problems. It made sense to build a business doing what we enjoy.”





We’re very selective when recruiting, we want people who are the best in their field but who also fit in with the team. This has a created a team who get on really well, both at work and socially.


We’ll continue to develop the Avius products, adding new features and enhancing other. Our customers are great at finding new uses for our products and we listen to their feedback to prioritise our development list.


As the company has grown we’ve become a family, all on this journey together. We’re a competitive bunch who want to be the best at what we do. We want to succeed, and want our clients to excel.


We like what we’ve built with Avius. We’re proud of the business, our team, of what we’ve achieved and are excited by the future.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than realising our software has helped make someone’s day a bit better. If I wasn’t doing this professionally, I’d be doing it in my spare time anyway.”


Managing Director