Improve Client Satisfaction

Keep clients happy and increase renewals by improving the satisfaction of their customers.

Collect operational insights directly from end users to measure KPIs in all serviced areas.

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Use customer satisfaction surveys to determine how satisfied employees and visitors are. Act on feedback to improve experience, and use data insights to demonstrate to your clients how you’re performing and why you’re better than your competitors.


Measure satisfaction and act on feedback to improve all areas:

  • Receptions
  • Washrooms
  • Catering and restaurants
  • Site Management – lifts, lighting, cleaning
  • Health & safety
  • Special events
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Speed Up Responses

Real-time alerts make you aware of issues within 30 seconds of negative feedback being left. This enables you to respond and resolve issues quickly.

Monitor and Compare Multiple Sites

See what’s working, or not, at each site. Identify sites that need regular attention, plan maintenance or cleaning schedules – all from the office.

Manage Devices Remotely

Survey changes are pushed out to all devices automatically, there’s no need to visit each site to amend questions or load new surveys.

Health alerts notify you of any issues with Avius survey devices.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time reporting can make you aware of problems on a specific day, such as a cleaner hasn’t arrived so your scores have dropped.

You can also view trends and comparisons, and dig deep into insights.

Easily Manage Enquiries

Manage and respond to queries in one system.


Keep track of and respond to maintenance issues, desk move requests, health and safety hazards, and feedback from surveys.

Evaluate Cleaner Workloads

The cleaning team can log their cleaning times and which supplies they’ve replenished.


You can compare satisfaction scores with cleaning times and plan shift requirements.

Identify Training Needs

Feedback received from employees on site can highlight training opportunities.


For example, you install a new coffee machine but the operator hasn’t been trained.

Maintain High Standards

Monitor satisfaction scores, feedback and reports to spot any issues.


Act on feedback to improve KPIs and satisfaction levels in all facilities you manage.


Act on insights you receive to make changes to increase employee and visitor experience, and therefore keep your clients happy. Use facility management satisfaction surveys to:


  • Compare teams and sites
  • Schedule maintenance and cleaning
  • Connect seasonal peaks with satisfaction
  • Identify sites in need of renovation
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“It was so easy to have our bespoke surveys set up by Avius. It’s great to see the suggestions and comments from visitors and staff in the building, and Avius help us resolve issues quicker.”

Sylvain Thouzeau, Building Performance Manager, Savills