Manage and Respond to Customer Enquiries

Collect, manage and reply to all feedback from multiple channels, in one system.
Combine and compare data, monitor performance and get business insights.

Customer Enquiry Management Example


Speed up response and resolutions times for email, website, call, text or face to face enquiries, as well as survey responses. Reduce the risk of bad reviews and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Case Management

Assign, prioritise and categorise enquiries to speed up response and resolution time.


  • Reply to customers via text or email
  • Forward cases to others for assistance
  • Add resolution notes
  • View cases approaching your SLA response time

Case Reporting

Easily access your data and reports to see valuable insights to improve your business.

  • Compare results by location, users or categories
  • Track resolution time and costs
  • View summary reports
  • Access on any device
  • Custom design dashboards

Customer History

You can see an entire audit history of each case, who did what and when.

  • See complete history of each customer
  • Track all changes in a case
  • Search for customers using any criteria

Team Collaboration

Work together as a team to solve customer issues, without duplicating work.

  • Share cases or customer details across locations
  • Assign enquiries to the correct team/agent
  • Agent conflict detection

Case Notifications

You can set-up notifications to suit your requirements.

  • Receive an email when a case is assigned to you
  • Notifications if the state of a case you own is changed

Data Security

All products are only accessible via encrypted and secure connections


“Avius have enabled us to significantly enhance our customer excellence culture, putting our members at the heart of the company. The service and support from the Avius team is second to none, their knowledge and expertise are excellent.”

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director