Improve Guest Satisfaction

Collect guest feedback for each touch-point across your theme park or attraction to increase overall experience. As well as secondary spend, repeat visits and recommendations to their friends and family.

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Grow Secondary Spend

Guest feedback solutions allow you to measure satisfaction with restaurants and gift shops, find out how you can improve and encourage guests to make purchases.


Plan and Measure the Success of Events

View how your audience changes through the season and plan new events to attract a different audience.



Exceed Disability Regulations

Encourage feedback to see how satisfied disabled guests are, and ask for suggestions on how you can make your attraction more accessible.

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Improve Operational Processes

Use insights from survey results to improve operational processes, change staff rotas and make cost savings.

Identify Where to Invest

Data insights from survey results can inform decisions around new rides, products and restaurants.


Monitor the Success of Campaigns

Conduct research into the success of marketing campaigns. Find out which channels are most cost effective and attract the best audience.


Purpose-built survey analytics provide insights to help you deliver an excellent guest experience, improve satisfaction and grow loyalty and return visits.


  • Monitor the cleanliness and stock levels of facilities/restrooms
  • Evaluate the quality and service in food and beverage outlets
  • Identify under-performing teams or individuals
  • Determine the link between weather and satisfaction
  • Assess the success of new products and other investments
  • Report, resolve and manage health & safety issues


Collect, manage and respond to guest enquiries from multiple channels – survey responses, emails, calls, texts and face to face enquiries.


  • Resolve issues whilst the guests are still on site
  • Track resolutions, time and costs
  • Keep records across a group of attractions
  • View customer history across attractions


Use a range of survey collection methods to get feedback and measure satisfaction across a sample of all your customer segments.

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Measure satisfaction and use instant alerts to resolve any issues whilst they’re still on-site, before they have time to even think about posting on social media or doing a review.


In-app feedback survey


If you have your own app, enable guests to provide feedback whenever they like, or trigger a feedback request; in a queue, after visiting an F&B outlet, sitting in the car park or after they’ve made a booking.

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Ask for feedback once guests have had time to reflect on their visit. Their views on value for money may have changed. They may have suggestions on how you could enhance their experience.

“We’ve relied on Avius since we opened the Resort. The real-time data and alerts we receive have allowed us to deliver year on year improvements across all our Key Performance Indicators.”

Tyler Pellerin, Product Excellence, LEGOLAND

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“Avius Surveys give our customers a voice, enables us to respond quickly and act on the feedback received. In less than 4 months of working with Avius, 10 out of 12 of our KPI scores have improved.”
Neil Poulter, Operation Director

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“The Support and Operations teams at Avius have been very helpful and hands-on since day one. Everyone has been really nice, responding and resolving my queries straight away. It’s amazing to be working with you.”

Luca Colella, Customer Relationship Manager, The View From The Shard

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