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Can it group incoming 'mail'?

Your Avius Optimus set-up will be adapted to your ideal workflow, giving you complete control over the way your communications feed into the system.

You can choose to have a central pool of cases allowing all communication channels to be treated and prioritised equally. Alternatively split them out according to the way that works best operationally for your team.

Can we assign the enquiry to the relevant location/team/area?

Yes, we’ll set the structure up in the way that works best for your organisation. Allowing you to assign cases to the right team and monitor accordingly.

Our advanced reporting also gives you control over the level of detail you want to see. Whether it’s a high level organisation overview or a fully detailed breakdown by area.

Can multiple locations use the same system?

Yes, Avius Optimus will allow multiple locations access their own separate area of the system to manage the cases relevant to them.

You can also share customer data and history across all locations, and allow ‘Head Office’ users to maintain a full overview of the organisation.

We have various customers throughout the world who use Avius Optimus across multiple locations and sub brands.

Can we report across multiple channels, emails, survey responses, phone calls etc?
Avius Optimus reporting has the flexibility to give you a different view of your data as required. Split your communication channels to analyse and compare, or take a full view of what your customers are telling you across all channels.


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