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Do we need a Wi-Fi connection?

No, if you don’t have wi-fi available we can supply 4G tablets with a SIM card which will connect to a local network provider.

Do we need power?

Yes, you will need a power connection.

Do you support different languages?

Yes. Currently there is no limit, however we’d suggest keeping to under 10 language options.

What happens to survey results if my device is offline?

Your results will still be collected. They will be uploaded and appear in reports once the device is re-connected to the internet.

What sort of kiosks/stands are available?

Floor-standing, wall-mounted and desk-mounted are the default options. Different mounting options can be sourced to suit your requirements.

What colours do the kiosks/stands come in?

Usually they’re black or white, however any colour can be created for an additional one off cost.

How many survey responses can we collect?

Unlimited. The Avius Surveys software is designed with security in mind, all collected data is deleted from the device once it’s uploaded to the server (instantly with internet connection).

How long should my survey be?

Generally you’ll get a good completion rate from a survey with under 15 questions. However, it depends on what you’d like to learn from the survey.

Do you supply the software and hardware?

Yes, we supply the whole survey solution; software, hardware and stands.

How do we clean the survey devices?

Any non-spirit based cleaning solution will ensure the devices are kept clean and operational.

Is the device safe?

Once installed, the devices are secure in their mounting.

Can the screen be broken?

The devices are strong once installed, we will arrange the repair of the accidental damage to the screen once a year.


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