Survey Alerts

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Instant Alerts

Receive an email notification within 30 seconds of receiving negative feedback.

This means you have the opportunity to solve issues before your unhappy customer even leaves your premises.

Enhance customer experience

  • Improve response times
  • Speed up resolution times
  • Set-up multiple alerts
  • One alert for each question if required
  • Multi-lingual


Help improve internal processes

  • Alerts sent to relevant person – e.g. male or female employee
  • Meet SLAs
  • Inform senior management of serious incidents
  • Flexible distribution lists – in case of sickness, holidays
Example Survey Alert
Example of text alert

Client Example

A client received some feedback via text, from a customer who was complaining about the person in front of them in a queue smoking. They received an email notification alerting to the complaint.

Before the person had finished their cigarette a member of staff had informed them of their no smoking policy. The customer who complained asked if it was a coincidence or world class customer service – it was the latter.

Automated Emails

The Survey Alerts system can be used to send automated emails to your customers who have completed your survey, and entered their email address.


  • Encourage happy customers to leave a review
  • Link to set-up an website account
  • Include discount offers
  • Sign-up to newsletters
  • Thanks for providing feedback
Automated email example

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