Survey Question Types

Question Types

There are a variety of question types and features available to create exciting survey experiences to meet your objectives.

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions have various features. You can use images or icons, single or multiple answers, a search box, shuffle responses and many more.


Use the Net Promoter Score question to find out how likely your customers are to recommend you.

Rating Scale

Grid/matrix questions are used to gather respondents thoughts or ratings on multiple items in one question.


Avoid junk responses with a validation question.


Target a section of your customers with a different set of questions, depending on their answer in the ‘branch’ question.

Audio Assistance

Offer an audio option for people with a visual impairment.


Providing a comment or free text question enables respondents to say exactly what they want, so they don’t get frustrated. It will also deliver really useful insights.

Smiley Faces

Measure satisfaction with smiley to unhappy faces. With a follow up question for unhappy customers to provide you with context.

Barcode or Card Scanner

Respondents can scan a barcode or QR code. Membership or employee cards can be swiped to collect their data.


Show respondents a promotional or informative video.

Message Screen

Display short welcome messages, instructions or long scroll-able content such as Terms & Conditions.

Ranking Question

Ask customers to rank a list of items in order of importance.

Available with Avius Optimus

Additional question types are available with Avius Optimus, a customer feedback management system.

Avius Optimus logo

Address Capture

Capture address details, by manual entry or Royal Mail look up (charges apply for look-up).

Camera Use

Allow respondents to take a photo which is submitted with their survey results.

Date Selector

Ask customers to enter a date and time of their visit or issue.

Signature Capture

Obtain a signature within your survey.

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