How To Set-up Your Survey Kiosk

It’s very easy to get your survey kiosk up and running, simply follow the instructions below.

Survey kiosk with promotional board


  1. Avius Surveys Kiosk
  2. Signage Board
  3. Signage Board Brackets
  4. Base Collar Cover
  5. Power cable + USB charger
  6. Kiosk key
  7. Kiosk Unlock Code – found on the Quick Start Guide

Please let us know as soon as possible if anything is missing


Carefully remove the Avius Surveys Kiosk from its packaging and recycle the cardboard. Place within 1.5 metres of a power socket/outlet, and in an area with high footfall such as a waiting area.

survey kiosk with 1.5m power lead


Attach the Signage Board using the 4 plastic thumb screws included.

Note – Bespoke Signage Board designs are available, the Avius team or your designers can create your own to match your brand.

How to attach the promo board


Lift the base at the bottom of the kiosk, plug the USB cable into the USB charger and the power cable into the plug socket/outlet.


Attach the Base Collar Cover together and then press down into the gap between the Base and the Pole.

Survey kiosk power set-up


Switch on the power socket/outlet. The Avius Surveys Kiosk will automatically turn on and be ready for customer use.

Your device has a 3/4G data SIM pre-installed, if you’d prefer to you can connect it to your local WiFi. It will start uploading surveys as soon as they get completed. To view your results login to your account.

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