Team Avius sitting in the lounge

Despite what my friends think, we do actually work hard. But this post isn’t about that, this is about office life.

In April 2016, we moved into our shiny new office. With double the space of our old place it’s taken the pressure off everyone working shoulder to shoulder. We all now have an electronic sit/stand desk, as well as very comfy Herman Miller Aeron chairs (with more adjustment than you can shake a stick at). And dual 24” monitors to display everything from our laptops in glorious HD to name a few perks.

24 Hot Desks
7 Televisions 
4 Comfy Seating Areas
1 Amazing Result


Get Comfy

Now whilst some of us find our desks a home away from home, others like to move around the office and work in some of our more relaxed spots. We’re free to sit in our kitchen/lounge and put the tv on, or put headphones in and slouch with our laptops on the nearest sofa dotted around the office.

Before working at Avius my daily lunch consisted of boring sandwiches, crisps, yoghurts etc. Now in Bournemouth town centre we have so much choice!

We regularly sit together for a lunch of Roosters Chicken, or my personal favourite Yo Sushi! Other days we watch Netflix, YouTube Fail videos or play one of our many games on our huge 4K Gaming PC.

Lounge chair

Life after 5pm is pretty social, we’re all up for a couple of games of pool after work or going out for a meal and few drinks together. I never used to talk to my old work colleagues but with this lot I can certainly call them friends, even as far as to travelling to Florida to attend a work wedding!

We all know we’ve got it good. Each of us still have our own responsibilities which need to get completed before the fun stuff happens. But we’re all thankful for the work lifestyle we get to enjoy day in day out.

By Oliver Warren

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