Anti-bacterial Survey Screens

Collect customer feedback and protect your respondents with our new anti-bacterial screen protectors. It kills bacteria on the screen of your survey kiosks.


  • Anti-bacterial logo reassures respondents
  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • Laboratory-approved protection against typical dangerous bacteria on devices, especially MRSA
  • ISO 22196 accredited


Anti-bacterial agents are technologically embedded in the screen protector´s outer layer, killing the bacteria on the display of your survey device. These active metal-oxide agents are harmless to the human body but deadly for the bacteria. This ensures that users are safe whenever using your survey devices.


The anti-bacterial layer is solvent resistant, so you can clean your survey kiosks and screen as normal.


The screen protectors have been tested by Quality Labs BT GmbH in Nuremberg, an accredited laboratory by the German government, under the anti-microbial norm ISO 22196.


The anti-bacterial screen protector needs replacing every two years to ensure continuous protection for your customers.


  • Anti-glare ensures users can easily read your survey
  • Scratch protection keeps the device in good condition
  • Touch optimisation means the responsiveness of your survey doesn’t change
  • An anti-fingerprint layer prevents smudges on the screen