A group of young shoppers sitting with their bags


Whether you’re in retail or the service industry, you probably use or have considered using Mystery Shoppers. That’s not surprising as they can provide some great information about customer service and satisfaction levels. The limitation is, that the measure is only for that exact moment they happen to visit your business.

The Mystery Shopper might visit a restaurant on the day where 3 members of staff have called in sick, there’s a leak in the ceiling and a large rowdy group are disrupting other diners. This would result in the restaurant receiving low scores. Whilst this situation would also affect paying customers, it wouldn’t account for a high performing team everyday for the previous three weeks.



Survey Kiosks provide all of your customers with the opportunity to leave honest feedback, every time they visit you.

They collect ongoing information from your customers. It’s like having a constant stream of mystery shoppers. Rather than a performance snapshot from the occasional visit, a Survey Kiosk delivers a trend of satisfaction levels.

Spot issues, such as staffing levels or training needs, with regular feedback. A Mystery Shopper visit may fall in a quiet period or a busy time, a Survey Kiosk is always there. If customers receive bad service due to a lack of staff, they are likely to complain. You’ll be able to see if it’s a one-off or a trend, and change staff numbers accordingly.

With Avius Surveys you’ll receive an instant alert to inform you of issues. So, you’ll learn about issues quickly, rather than waiting for a visit from a Mystery Shopper.

Positive customer comments are always nice to have, and great for staff morale. However, negative feedback is a gift, this enables you to listen, learn and improve.



We’re not saying don’t use Mystery Shoppers, just that feedback from Survey Kiosks will help to create a complete picture. Mystery Shoppers will score the areas you want to check up on. Survey Kiosks will collect customer feedback on everything that matters to them. Together, this information will help you improve customer satisfaction and your business.

By Caroline Hawksworth