CX strategy illustration


You wouldn’t expect your marketing team to focus purely on one activity, such as email marketing or social media. They’ll have an integrated plan using different marketing activities and channels, which complement each other. The same should go for your Customer Experience Strategy, don’t rely on just one tactic.



Before someone buys your product or service they’ll probably do some research on your website. If it’s a considered purchase or a visit that needs planning they might contact you to ask a question. Easily manage and track all enquiries in your CEM software, such as Avius Optimus. If a customer contacts you again, or completes a survey, you can then track the entire journey of that customer.


In the Moment Feedback

Survey Kiosks
Capture real-time feedback at the point of experience with on-site Survey Kiosks. User-friendly touchscreen surveys enable customers to leave feedback during their visit. Placing Kiosks near exits, checkouts and other high footfall areas will increase response rates.

SMS or QR Code Surveys
Survey QR Codes or feedback SMS numbers are another way to collect on-site feedback. Advertise them where customers are waiting in line or sat down having refreshments, when they have time to provide their thoughts.

Survey Alerts
Avius Surveys Alerts notify you of negative feedback, within 30 seconds. This gives you the opportunity to solve issues whilst customers are still on your premises. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction, but also limits the number of customers exposed to the issue.

Face to Face
Technology is great, but don’t forget about the personal touch. For a lot of people tech is part of their everyday life and they’re more comfortable leaving feedback in a survey.

Tech isn’t for everyone, and for those people nothing beats a face to face interaction. To keep consistent records and scores, your team can use surveys on roaming devices to capture face to face feedback.


Post Sale or Visit

Online Surveys on receipts, order confirmations or emails sent after a visit enable customers to leave feedback at their convenience. If there has been an issue they have the time to think about their experience objectively, rather than in the heat of the moment.

Enabling customers to provide feedback gives you the chance to respond and resolve the issue before they leave a review or tell their friends and family.

As with Survey Kiosks, alerts can be set up to notify you of negative feedback.



Avius not only offer all of these services, we also provide advice and expertise to help you create a first-class customer experience.



Customers love companies who listen to them, even more when an improvement is made as a result of their feedback. If you make changes based on customer feedback, shout about it.

Whether it’s on social media, email, newsletters or even a notice board, communicate improvements. It shows that you listen to, and value your customers. Plus, it will encourage other customers to leave feedback.

By Caroline Hawksworth