Illustration of a survey kiosk with no internet icon

Can’t get an internet connection?

WiFi keeps dropping?

4G unreliable at your location?

Not to worry!

You can still collect results from your satisfaction surveys with Avius’ offline mode.



Just because you’re in a remote location, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gathering customer feedback. We understand it can be difficult to get a steady signal underground or in the countryside.

Perhaps you’d like to collect employee feedback at a secure site and can’t get mobile coverage.

That’s why our survey devices are able to collect responses offline.



Even if you lose internet connection, you won’t miss out on any valuable feedback. Your respondents will still be able to complete your satisfaction survey as normal.

All data is safely stored on the survey device. Avius survey devices encrypt each response they store in a way that even the device cannot decrypt it; it can only be decrypted after being sent to our central systems. Therefore, if the device is physically stolen or compromised, none of the response data can be read.

Your survey results will appear in the reports once you reconnect your device to the internet. When the results are uploaded, they populate the reports on the date they were collected. Accurate back-dated reporting enables you to build trends over time.

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By Natalia Kaczmarek