375 trees planted with One Tree Planted for Earth Day 2021

Earlier this year we pledged our commitment to become fully carbon neutral by the end of 2021. Since December 2020, we’ve been a Climate Positive Workforce, offsetting the entire carbon footprint of our employees with Ecologi.

But we recognise we need to take further action to deliver on our promise, help our planet more, and create a better habitat for wildlife.

On this year’s Earth Day we’re proud to announce our latest partnership with a non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted, which helps businesses give back to our Mother Earth by planting trees around the globe.

Avius commit to planting two trees for every new survey kiosk sold and one tree for every kiosk renewed.

We are going to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions from our products with the One Tree Planted charity on a quarterly basis.

Our latest donation of 375 trees will go towards protecting the iconic Amazon Rainforest and supporting its amazing species like the jaguar, macaw, Amazon river dolphin, and black spider monkey.

There are so many amazing tree-planting projects that we cannot wait to support!

Keep an eye out for more updates on our blog and social channels.