Optimus illustration

We’ve been hard at work on several new Optimus features and we’re excited to bring them to you soon!




  • The layout of the left panel has been improved
  • All of the case history items have been redesigned to make reading through cases easier
  • The save button has been moved to the top-right corner, and away from the case management actions
  • The ‘Send Email’ panel has been updated to make it clearer what address an email is being sent to
  • Draft communications are highlighted so you can see when items are waiting to be sent



Categories are a powerful tool for getting valuable insights from your customer feedback and inquiries, and we’re making some changes that will help you categorize your cases more efficiently than ever.


Categories now have their own area on the right hand side of the page. At the top you’ll see the categories you’ve assigned to the case. You can click ‘Add’ to add a new blank category, then select an option for each category area. This means you can quickly update categories which have already been added without having to delete them and start over.

We’ve made some big improvements to the loading speed of the category menu, but to make categorization even faster we’re introducing a brand new feature – Category Assist.

Category Assist automatically learns from the way you’ve previously categorized cases with similar content and provides suggestions which you can quickly add to a case with one click. You can also choose to allow Category Assist to apply the most confident suggestion to your cases automatically.

Please get in touch with our Support Team if you’d like to turn on Category Assist for your organisation.



  • We’ve added live chat so you can quickly get in touch with our Support Team if you need any assistance or have any feedback about the new features
  • The list of tabs has been redesigned – it’s now clearer to see which tab you’re viewing, there’s a warning when tabs have reached their maximum limit of 5,000 cases, and longer tab names are now supported
  • You can now print a full case history
  • General speed and performance improvements



In order for us to be able to keep Optimus up to date with the latest technologies, this will be our last version which supports Internet Explorer.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer to access Optimus, please speak to your IT department about upgrading to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.

By Dom Harding