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We’ve been hearing from many Optimus users that a lot of time is often spent closing cases created from spam or junk emails, so we’re excited to announce that spam filtering is now enabled by default for all organisations.



You’ll notice a new “Spam Cases” tab which will contains cases marked as Junk by the spam filter. You should keep an eye on this tab to make sure that no emails from your customers have been mistakenly marked as spam.

New tabs can be created to include only certain types of Junk – for example, only cases which have been marked as Junk by the spam filter, or only cases where the customer is blocked. Please get in touch with our Support Team if you need any assistance editing your tabs or creating new ones.



By default Optimus will assess all incoming emails for spam, and set the case’s state to Junk automatically. If you want to override this and set a spam policy for certain customers, the Customer Edit page now includes the option to Block (always mark new cases from that customer as spam) or Allow (never mark cases from that customer as spam).

The updated Customer Search page lets you search for customers according to whether they’re marked as Block or Allow:



We want to give you advance notice that our next update (coming soon) will introduce a change to the way the Last Communication column works.

Currently, Last Communication is the time since the last communication on that case, regardless of whether that communication was incoming or outgoing.

We’re aware that this can sometimes cause issues when you’re sorting your cases by that column, and can mean that you’re not necessarily prioritising the customers who have been waiting the longest for a reply.

In the next update, this column will become Reply Time.

This will be the total amount of time the customer has been waiting for a reply since their incoming communication, and it won’t be reset if they send in more communications to chase a reply or to provide more information.

For cases where you’ve already replied and the customer is not waiting, the Reply Time will be blank, further helping you to prioritise the cases where you’ve not yet replied.



If you have any feedback on these updates, or need any assistance, please feel free to get in touch: