12 Survey Tips of Christmas

by Ben Story

Ben Story, CEO, Avius

Get the most from your surveys

1. Think about the location of your survey kiosk, it should be in a high footfall area where respondents have time to provide feedback.

2. Ensure questions are clear and concise.

3. Get translations done professionally, don’t use Google Translate.

4. Use question rotation to ensure your survey isn’t too long. Plus, check the results of each question are useful, if not remove the question.

5. Update questions to keep your survey fresh.Avius Surveys kiosk with a Christmas hat

6. Your survey is an extension of your brand, the design should match your brand.

7. Keep the structure of positive to negative answers, or vice versa, consistent.

8. Use images where possible to keep it interesting and user-friendly.

9. Date and time conditions can be used to serve a survey specifically for Christmas events.

10. Keep your survey kiosk clean and in good working order.

11. Enable respondents to provide their contact details if they wish.

12. Make sure you’re ready to respond to your real-time feedback.

The Avius team can help or provide advice for all of the above. Get in touch if you have any queries.

18th December 2017