The Importance of Customer Feedback

by Afshin Karimi


Afshin Karimi, Account Manager, Avius


Listen to Your Customers

Whether a small independent business or large multinational company, the importance of customer feedback can never be underestimated. Consumers are becoming ever more discerning, learning what your customers think and feel can be invaluable. And help give your business the edge.

Engage with Your Customers

By showing your willingness to engage with customers, you are telling them that you value what they have to say. Giving them the opportunity to relay feedback to you demonstrates that they aren’t taken for granted. Their opinions are taken seriously and that customer service forms an important part of your business.

Putting your customers at the heart of the consumer experience can help foster a positive image around your company. In turn, it can lead to higher levels of brand loyalty, return custom and better, more honest feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

All Feedback is a Gift

With Avius Surveys you can gather data directly from your customers, to measure satisfaction levels regarding your products or services.

Knowing how your customers genuinely feel provides a valuable way of developing existing offerings, as well as identifying opportunities for growth. Having a metric to measure how happy your customers are takes the guesswork away from customer satisfaction. It gives tangible, meaningful data with which you can make key business decisions.


Customer Satisfaction chalk board


The best business decisions are made with foresight and evidence. By incorporating customer feedback data into this, you can be sure important decisions are taken with the help of useful information, direct from the people who are most crucial to the survival of a business.

No matter how successful a business, it is important that you are always striving for improvement. By keeping your finger on the pulse of how your customers feel, you will always have access to this valuable information. Remember, all feedback from your client base is a gift, whether positive or negative. Only hearing positive views won’t give you a comprehensive overview of how your business is performing in relation to your customer’s expectations.

Collecting Data

Positive feedback can identify and reinforce successful areas of your business, but negative feedback is even more valuable in shaping future decisions.

Example of a survey alert emailAvius Surveys can help harness both. It provides an ideal platform to solve negative feedback in a timely and professional manner. In an age where customers can easily review almost any product or service online, a survey kiosk represents an ideal way to get feedback from unhappy customers directly.

Instant alerts provide an opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one. As a result this can lead to fewer negative reviews online.

Avius can bridge the gap between business and consumer, bringing them closer together through a trusted and decisive communication channel. We believe that a business can never have too much feedback. With a decade of experience, Avius can help deliver bespoke solutions and expertise to help your organisation capture the most valuable data. You can then make the best decisions for both your business and customers.

16th February 2017