Express Survey Desktop Kiosk


Smiley Face Surveys are a quick and easy way to measure how happy your customers are. Customers tap on the face that relates to how they are feeling. One or two follow up questions help to provide context around their chosen smiley or unhappy face.

Everyone understands smiley or sad faces, they probably use emojis every day in messages or on social media. Used on their own, they give you a measure of how happy your customers are, but they don’t tell you why. The answers given in follow-up questions are the really valuable part of Smiley Face surveys.



The key to customer satisfaction smiley face surveys is they’re short and sweet. People love to give feedback when it’s quick and easy, and they’re able to tell you their thoughts.

There’s nothing worse than a long survey which doesn’t allow you to leave comments. They make an unhappy customer even angrier, they’ve spent ages filling in your survey but still can’t tell you what’s annoyed them.

The smiley faces provide you with a score that you can track and measure. The follow-up question/s enable the customer to say exactly what they want to tell you, which provides you with great insights.

Plus, smiley face survey kiosks are really simple for customers of all ages to use.



There’s no point asking for feedback if you’re not going to do anything about it. Customer responses offer free information on how to keep them happy, and therefore how to grow your business.

Unlike some companies, Avius allows you to collect contact details and respond to customer queries. In some cases, instant alerts will enable you to solve issues before the customer even leaves your premises. Research shows customers who complain and have their complaint solved quickly and satisfactorily become more loyal and, even advocates of your company.

Shout about the improvements you’ve made. Tell customers and prospects that you’ve made changes because of feedback received. Not only will it please the customer who made the suggestion, it also shows prospects and other customers that you value and listen to your customers.



Customers will be happy because you’re giving them an easy way to provide feedback. Improvements are being implemented as a result of their feedback, showing you care. Those customers are likely to be more loyal and recommend you to their friends and family.

Communicating the changes you’re making, as well as happy customers recommending you, should equate to new customers.

You can also use survey results to motivate your employees. Good scores could be incentivised, not necessarily with money. One client gives the best parking space to the employee of the week, another offers an earlier finish on a Friday. Survey scores could create healthy competition between teams, or different locations, to encourage them to strive to be the best.

Simple smiley face surveys help to create happy customers, attract new business, improve employee engagement and helps to grow your company. Sound good? You can do all of this with Avius Smiley Face Surveys.

By Caroline Hawksworth