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Whether taking in customer feedback, recording guest complaints, or measuring employee happiness. The tried and trusted method of pen and paper seems a logical and cost effective way of gathering data. But dig a little deeper and anyone who has undertaken work of this kind, will tell you the limitations of using such a system.

Pens, paper, to-do piles, receipts, illegible handwriting. Loss, damage, filing, storage, mess.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.



As more organisations look to move to paperless operations, it is evident the reasons go beyond simply becoming a greener company. Though that’s as good a reason as any, the benefits extend into various aspects of a companies’ working. The inefficiencies associated with relying on paper to collect data are obvious:

  • Using manpower to collect and collate information
  • Physically filing and retrieving documents
  • Finding space to store it all
  • Relying on the honesty of staff to report negative feedback as well as positive.

The temptation may always be there to disregard a negative survey or review but you are only going to get half the picture.

Once data is collected on paper, where does it go? What needs to be done to turn this raw data into tangible, useful information? This data needs to be processed and often this will require the use of an external agency. Which not only adds another layer of cost, but potentially weeks of waiting for results. This information can be the difference between success and failure.



We can offer custom solutions to the problems associated with using paper to record information coming in to your business from your customers. Avius Surveys collects feedback effectively and accurately, in a much quicker and more timely fashion than physical surveys.

Through Avius Optimus, you can manage all manner of feedback and communications from your customers without the need for trawling through paper correspondence, receipts or any other physical forms of information. This can drastically cut down on response times and in turn improve relations with clients.



Recently we worked with one of our clients to replace their entire form based guest services operations, with a fully integrated electronic version using handheld tablets.

As a large resort which welcomes over 2 million visitors per year, using pen and paper for everything, from guest complaints to lost property and disability ride passes, required a huge amount of manual work. The introduction of Avius Optimus has condensed these areas of engagement into one clean, user-friendly screen. This makes things easier, quicker and more enjoyable for staff members and guests alike.

Specific cases can be logged and easily retrieved; this data can be used to run easy to understand reports, making it easier to spot trends and consequently make strategic decisions to improve operations. Going forward, the efficiency improvements will no doubt manifest in higher customer satisfaction.



Companies that can utilise paperless solutions will ultimately be more efficient and more scale-able.

Let Avius guide your company through the transition from paper to digital.

Help the environment, and help your business too.

By Afshin Karimi