survey design illustration


In short, yes, the style of your survey is important! If your survey is uninviting or difficult to use, your completion rate won’t be great.

Surveys that aren’t designed in your brand may cause trust issues, consumers are aware of scams and are more cautious when giving out personal details. If they don’t believe the survey is really yours, they won’t complete it.



Surveys should reflect your brand style with your logo, brand colours, background images and question imagery – just make sure they’re good quality and relevant.

Also, think about accessibility, the size of your font and the colours you use. Some colours make text hard to read, the bigger the contrast between the background and copy colour the easier it is to read.

Luckily, if you use Avius Surveys the team are always on hand to provide advice or even design your survey for you.



The wording, order and format of your questions are even more important than how your survey looks. Ensure your survey flows in a logical manner, eg. If you have questions about different areas/sections put all the questions together.

Avoid using jargon in your questions, stick to customer friendly language. Keep questions clear and concise, attention spans are getting shorter and people don’t like reading long questions.

Questions should use a suitable question type so the format is easy to answer, again improving completion rate. Rather than asking all customers all questions, ‘branching’ can be used to send respondents down the relevant path.



It’s very tempting to ask every question you can think of. But most customers will get fed up and abandon the survey part way through. Think about the objectives of your survey and what you need to ask to meet those objectives. Consider how you will use the answers for each question, if the results aren’t helpful remove the question.

You should also have at least one free text question, you’ll really frustrate customers if they complete your survey and can’t say what they want to. As well as pleasing customers, the free text question means you don’t need questions to cover everything, if it’s important to customers they’ll mention it in their comments.



Make something easy to use and look good, you’ll get more people using it. It’s exactly the same for surveys. Avius will build surveys to your requirements whilst keeping them user friendly, on brand and stylish.

By Caroline Hawksworth