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Customers should always be at the heart of your business. So what can you do to improve your relationship with them? The answer is quite simple: improve your customer service (CS).

Across the globe, 96% of consumers say CS is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand (Microsoft).

No matter how good your product is, or the discount you offered, your customers will remember the interaction with your staff as they’re the face of your business. To achieve excellence in customer service, find out exactly what’s causing customer dissatisfaction and look out for opportunities where you can flourish.



First impressions will set the stage for the entire customer experience, so it’s important you don’t disappoint. You only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression. Whether via telephone, email, or in person, make sure to put your best foot forward.

Research from American Express reveals that 68% of customers consider a pleasant representative key to their recent positive service experiences. 62% say that representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness is a deal-breaker.

So, as well as greeting customers with confidence and a smile, show them you understand their needs, you’re willing to go the extra mile, and help them along the way.



You’ll never be able to provide good service if you don’t understand your customers. 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations (Salesforce). So, do your research. Map the customer journey to see how customers move through the sales funnel. It’ll help you anticipate problems and train your staff to successfully deal with any issues.

Conduct Voice of Customer surveys to get to know your customers inside and out. With insights directly from your customers, you can find the root causes of your bad customer service. Act on VoC data to improve inefficient processes, identify training needs, or eliminate disrespectful staff behaviour.

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Don’t be scared of negative feedback. It can help you become more customer-centric. People’s comments can be invaluable in identifying problems with your service, so don’t ignore them. Use criticism as an opportunity to improve and reduce reoccurring issues in the future.

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One of the biggest factors in good customer service is speed. 40% of consumers want customer service reps to take care of their needs faster (American Express). The time you take to respond to a customer’s complaint can significantly impact the perception of your customer service and business in general.

With Avius Survey Alerts, you can speed up response and resolution times to customer queries. Receive an email notification within 30 seconds of receiving negative feedback and solve issues before your unhappy customer even leaves your premises.

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Happy employees lead to happy customers. So, measure employee engagement to find out if your bad customer service stems from low staff morale or engagement. Consider deploying employee surveys and have regular conversations with your customer service team to check if they received adequate training and have sufficient resources to perform their jobs well. Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile and deliver excellent CS.

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Customers often complain they’re not listened to. By collecting their feedback and acting on it, you show them that you care and value their opinion. Remember to follow up with every unhappy customer to improve satisfaction levels and grow your customer base.

By Natalia Kaczmarek