New Look and Additional Report Settings

The latest Optimus updates include a new and improved look which also make it more user friendly.

Plus, some additional Report settings. These additions provide you with more flexibility and control of your reports. As well as, some new options to run different reports.

New Look Optimus

There’s a new design and layout for Optimus:


New look Optimus

As well as being more visually pleasing, the updated design also comes with some user friendly improvements.

The Reports page now has a tile for each report, which you click on to run the report:

You now delete reports in the Report Management page, linked from the Reports page.

Optimus report selection

Additional Report Settings

You now have access to some new settings that control how reports are made available, what they contain and how they can be run.

The new settings are available when Editing a report:


Share Head Office Reports

You now have the ability to share Head Office reports with all sub-organisations, sites and clubs.

Simply tick the option ‘Make this report available for every organisation to run’ when editing the report. Once you’ve done this, it can be run by all sub-organisations, but they can’t edit the report setting or change the name.


Optimus head office share report


The default for this setting is unchecked for all new and existing reports.


Case Reports

In response to requests, we’ve added the ability to reports for all active cases, open or pending, regardless of when they were created. You have the option to this on or off for each report, there are three settings:


Optimus open case report options

Optimus run report example


Include or Exclude First Communication Text

Some reports use the customers’ first communication text and some don’t. This latest updated enables you to control whether or not you’d like to include the first communication text in your reports. Turning if off will reduce the size of the report.


Optimus first communication controls


The default setting is off for new reports and on for existing reports.

Have Your Say

There are a few more updates to announce but we’d like to know what you’d like us to work on next?

  • Response templates
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Email signatures
  • Show case audit history
  • Scheduled reports
  • Display the names of other users viewing the same case
  • HTML email support
  • Email alert when a case is assigned to you
  • Redact communication where it may contain sensitive info like credit card details
  • Case split and merge
  • Other