Survey kiosk at a David Lloyd cafe


Against a backdrop of growing numbers of budget gyms springing up across the UK, premium health and fitness club group David Lloyd Leisure is winning in member retention. By focusing on one aspect that could be considered an Achilles heel of budget gyms – embracing the human touch to create exceptional customer experiences

The David Lloyd Leisure Group has 114 clubs – 99 clubs in the UK and a further 15 clubs across Europe. Comprising its two brands David Lloyd Clubs and Harbour Clubs (of which there are three – Chelsea, Notting Hill and Kensington). It has analysed 15.94 million responses gathered from its members via Avius Surveys customer feedback solutions. As a result, has introduced a ‘Brilliant Basics’ business strategy with the specific aim of getting the small things right at every time of the day.

The strategic decision to implement customer feedback in their clubs was taken in 2015. Since then, David Lloyd Leisure has been working in partnership with Avius, to develop and enhance bespoke customer feedback solutions for its club members, enabling the health club operator to develop and implement its winning business strategy.

It’s important to for us to deliver at every time of the day. Avius enables us to do this by providing the data we need to focus on the details every hour of every day

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director, David Lloyd Leisure


In the New Year period, David Lloyd Leisure, Europe’s largest operator of premium health & fitness clubs, increased their customer base but the bigger challenge is how to retain these new members once January’s good intentions have waned. “Customer insight, listening to members and making business decisions based on this feedback is key to increasing customer satisfaction and therefore member retention” says Ben Story, CEO of Avius. CSAT scores at the premium health club have increased by nearly fifteen percent in the three years that David Lloyd Leisure has been working with Avius.


Avius Surveys have enabled David Lloyd Leisure to gather customer feedback across multiple channels, making leaving feedback a simple, integrated part of every member’s club experience. Avius Survey kiosks are situated in key locations such as changing rooms, the restaurant and the reception area, enabling customers to record feedback during their visit. Similarly the survey software is uniquely integrated into the David Lloyd Clubs and Harbour Clubs App for members to rate their instructor immediately after classes or to rate their experience following a visit.

With the help of Avius we have become an insights-led, member-centric company. The data we’ve collected and monitored to date has been the catalyst for a recent strategic focus on specific customer improvements that we know will help us increase satisfaction levels, retain customers and grow the business. Avius customer feedback solutions have been invaluable

Mia Manson-Bishop, Member Experience Director, David Lloyd Leisure

Before working with Avius, David Lloyd Leisure had one survey that went out four times a year – the process was very manual and didn’t provide an instant picture of how happy members were. Nowadays David Lloyd Leisure integrates daily member feedback into its everyday working processes. Individual clubs are measured on KPIs from their customer feedback. They’re congratulated for outstanding results and make urgent improvements if results aren’t good enough.