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Capture feedback through customer satisfaction surveys to improve many areas of your business.

Just having the survey out there doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get any valuable insights.

So, make sure to optimise your satisfaction survey with these handy tips to increase completion rates:

1. Keep survey kiosks clean and unobstructed

Make sure your survey kiosks are always turned on, clean, and placed in a high-footfall location. If kiosks are dirty or customers have to climb over things to reach them, you won't receive many responses.

2. Make surveys short and focused

The longer your survey is, the fewer respondents will complete it. Use probability conditions to target a specific audience for questions that do not require a high sample size.

3. Ask clear and objective questions

Vague questions or asking more than one thing in each question will confuse customers and weaken the quality of your results. Also, think about how you'll use the responses to each question - if you're not going to use the results, don't ask the question.

4. Avoid leading questions

If you influence your respondents to leave more positive or negative feedback, you won’t get an accurate picture of your business. Ask someone from outside your company, such as the Avius team, to review your questions and answer options.

Read more about how to avoid leading questions.

5. Let respondents tell you what they want

It's extremely frustrating when answering a survey if you can't say what you want to say. It makes customers think you don't really care about what they have to say.  Include questions, such as 'Do you have any other comments?', 'How could we have made your experience better?', or 'What changes would you like to see?'

6. Protect customer data

Reassure customers about how their information will be used. With privacy concerns on the rise, ensure you’re GDPR compliant and inform your customers how you use and store their data.

Find out how Avius can help you be GDPR compliant.

7. Refresh surveys on a regular basis

This is especially important if you have regular visitors. It’s important to keep them engaged. Change the design and update the questions from time to time. Consider deploying a different set of questions for special events to improve your event planning and management in the future.

8. Show you’re acting on feedback 

Everyone appreciates when they are listened to. Unfortunately, a Microsoft report found that only half of us believe most brands take any action on our feedback. So, keep your customers regularly updated on what changes you have implemented as a result of their feedback. It will encourage others to complete your satisfaction survey and appeal to potential prospects.

9. Consider the design

From the survey itself to the physical device, ensure your branding is consistent. Include your logo and match the colours and font. Take advantage of promotional boards, which can be tailored to your requirements to attract more customers to leave feedback.

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By Natalia Kaczmarek