illustration presenting Avius kiosk surveys, Gestures touchless surveys, and online surveys

Now is not the time to stop collecting and listening to customer feedback.
Au contraire.

Customer needs and behavior have changed in the recent months. Therefore, you shouldn’t make decisions based on data captured before the pandemic started.

Relying on outdated feedback and making various assumptions about your customers can lead to an increased number of complaints and bad reviews. As a consequence, you could lose some customers forever.

Adjust your survey questions to the current situation to help you make short-term CX improvements, ensure customer safety and improve operational efficiencies.

Offer multi-channel feedback so that your customers can chose the safest and most convenient option for them to rate their experience.



Customers want clean, safe and fast ways to interact with technology. Meet those demands by offering two touchless options for taking your surveys:


Avius have recently launched an innovative, first on the market, AI-powered survey experience – Gestures.

Customers simply stand in front of a kiosk and answer questions by holding their thumb up or down, depending on their satisfaction level. An animation and sound will notify them that their response has been successfully recorded. With no need to touch any screens, Gestures is not only safe but also fun to use.


Customers can scan a unique code visible on the screen of your kiosk using their mobile phone camera. This then allows them to complete your survey on their own device.

Unlike a traditional static QR Code, SmartCode is dynamic and regenerates every few seconds. That way the code can only be used once, and you can be confident the respondents are your genuine customers.


Survey kiosks are great for collecting high-volume, in-the-moment feedback at various touchpoints: reception, toilets, food and beverage facilities, entrance/exits.

With real-time insights from a kiosk survey, you can identify and resolve problems quickly, prevent issues from escalating, improving customer experience and operations as a result.

All Avius kiosks come with laboratory-approved anti-bacterial screen protectors so that your customers can feel safe and reassured when leaving you feedback.

Read more about the benefits of survey kiosks.



We all spend more time on our phones and online these days so take advantage of that.

Mobile app and website surveys are perfect for understanding how customers interact with your app and site, experience all its features and pages, and how easy it is to find information on your safety measures. But not only that.

You can track user satisfaction and get valuable insights for different business areas.

Trigger a survey after your customers:

  • got in touch via your live chat
  • renewed or cancelled their membership
  • changed reservations
  • made a purchase
  • booked a click & collect
  • checked-in for a flight

Remember online experiences are as important as offline ones, so allow your customers to provide their feedback on both.



Maybe emails are as old as time, but they’re definitely not heading towards extinction.

In 2019, the number of global email users amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow to 4.48 billion in 2024 (Statista 2020).

That’s good news for when you’re exploring this channel for your satisfaction survey.

Email surveys are good for capturing post-visit feedback.

After your customers flew from your airport or visited your attraction, you could send them an email with the link to your satisfaction survey. Or embed the first question onto the email body, giving recipients an option to respond straight from their inboxes.

Don’t forget to optimize for mobile and trigger the email at the right time to maximize the number of responses.



“During these uncertain and challenging times, simplify your satisfaction survey and focus on the experiences, needs, and human connections. Truly have your customers in mind when choosing your feedback channels. Don’t be tempted to abandon customer communication altogether. Use feedback surveys as an opportunity to check in on each other to strengthen your relationships.”

By Natalia Kaczmarek